Piazza d`Italia

Central Business District

Piazza d’Italia by Charles Willard Moore, New Orleans.

For much of its history, New Orleans’ skyline consisted of only low and mid rise structures. The soft soils of New Orleans are susceptible to subsistence, and there was doubt about the feasibility of constructing large high rises in such an environment. The 1960s brought the trailblazing World Trade Center New Orleans and Plaza Tower which demonstrated that high-rise could stand firm on New Orleans’ soil. One Shell Square took its place as the city’s tallest building in 1972, a title it still holds. The oil boom of the early 1980s redefined New Orleans’ skyline again with the development of the Poydras Street corridor. Today, New Orleans’ high-rises are clustered along Canal Street and Poydras Street in the Central Business District.

Located within the Central Business District is one of the world’s most famous pieces of Postmodern architecture, Charles Willard Moore’s Piazza d’Italia.


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